1:1 COACHING PROGRAMTHRIVE+ Menopause Makeover

Menopause can be a time of change for women, and sometimes it can leave you feeling a little lost. On top of dealing with physical challenges, sometimes you might feel you’re playing catch-up with life.

  • Juggling family, love, work, and leisure and feeling your patience waning?
  • Always ensuring everyone else is alright, while your own needs take a backseat?
  • Drowning in a sea of advice and unsure who to trust?
  • Searching for the right support?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer – and you definitely don’t have to work it out on your own.

Feel your best again, with my THRIVE+ Menopause Makeover. Over the course of 12-weeks, we’ll tackle nutrition, sleep, stress and much more, and set you on a path to making you feel great again.

Let’s journey through this together, and get you back on track towards a thriving, fulfilling life.

Reclaim your energy
Restore calm and connection
Reconnect with yourself
Rediscover your purpose

My peri story

Like many women, I was completely unprepared for my own personal journey into perimenopause.

Sudden weight gain, sleep issues and a flagging libido left me questioning my value as a woman, and struggling to feel good about myself. My confidence was low, and in an effort to regain control over my body, I was making poor lifestyle choices – eating the wrong things, exercising too hard, and drinking too much.

Basically, I was a hot mess. I share this because I’m sure many of you can relate.

So what happened?

I started learning about women’s health and I educated myself on the options, including lifestyle modifications via nutrition, exercise and stress management.

But more importantly, I’ve changed the way I think about myself and my body. I’ve stopped looking at the negatives, and started being kinder to myself. And in doing so, I stopped surviving, and started thriving.

And so can you.

You see, it doesn’t end at 40; it begins! 


MY APPROACHThe Thrive Over 40 Toolkit

Women in their 40's and 50's have complex, busy lives, so my approach is a holistic one, addressing the following 6 key dimensions of health - sleep, nutrition, movement, stress, connection and purpose. Together, we will explore each of these dimensions, and formulate a tailored strategy for thriving through menopause.
Sleep and recovery

Sleep is a non-negotiable. Poor sleep can trigger hot flushes, increased anxiety, weight gain, and more. We’ll prioritise sleep so you can optimise your hormones, and start regaining control of your wellbeing.


We’ll focus on reducing inflammation, and eating nourishing foods that give you more energy, improved mental clarity, and help you maintain a healthy weight for your body.


Safeguarding our cardiovascular health and mobility is vital as we get older. We’ll focus on moving your body with joy and intention. Whether that means working out in the gym, or dancing in your living room.

Stress Management

Stress has the capacity to derail your sleep, nutrition and excersise. Together, we’ll focus on stress reduction, including techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and time management strategies.


Meaningful social connections are essential for your emotional and mental health. We explore ways to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones, including communication skills to foster deeper connections with loved ones.


Together, we’ll work on cultivating a positive outlook, self-compassion, and resilience. You’ll learn techniques to embrace the changes that come with menopause as opportunities for personal growth and transformation.