SERVICESSleep Coaching

Are you struggling with restless nights, constant fatigue, and difficulty focusing during the day? My sleep coaching program can help you overcome:

Insomnia and interrupted sleep
Daytime drowsiness and lack of energy
Stress and anxiety impacting sleep
Poor sleep habits affecting your overall health & wellbeing

PROGRAMSBeyond 40 Winks

Quality sleep is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing, playing a crucial role in our lives regardless of age or lifestyle. It impacts various aspects of our health, including mental clarity, emotional balance, physical vitality, and the effectiveness of our daily functions.
Sleep well, feel better

Hot flushes and nights sweats making it hard to get a good night’s sleep? This self-paced program is designed to guide you through the often challenging landscape of sleep during perimenopause and beyond.

My program understands that hot flushes, night sweats, stress, and entrenched sleep habits can turn what should be a restful night into a restless ordeal. I combine the latest in sleep science with practical sleep hygiene strategies and Cognitive Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) to help you achieve a medication-free solution to your sleep issues.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand Your Sleep Cycle: Gain insights into how sleep patterns change with age and how to adapt for optimal rest.
  • Create a Sleep-Conducive Lifestyle and Environment: Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep.
  • Establish Sleep Promoting Habits: Break free from long-standing sleep habits that might be holding you back from deep, restorative rest.
  • Navigate Menopause-Related Sleep Disturbances: Tackle hot flushes and night sweats head-on with tailored techniques.
  • Change Your Thoughts About Sleep: Understand the powerful effect of your thoughts on your bosy and emotions, and how to reframe negative thoughts associated with sleep.
  • Combat Stress: Discover methods to unwind and destress for a smoother transition to sleep.

You’ll also have access to an online community where you’ll find support and shared experiences from women just like you. This program isn’t about quick fixes, but real, lasting change in your sleep quality.

6 weeks


Struggling with sleep issues? Embark on a personalised sleep coaching journey with me. We’ll work together to create a tailored plan that addresses your unique needs, focusing on enhancing your well-being and quality of rest.

Don’t let sleepless nights hold you back – contact me today, and let’s start your journey towards rejuvenating sleep and a more vibrant lifestyle.